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RAW is turning Bangladesh into A battle field for Indian Interests

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(Dedicated the Article in honor of the assassinated 56 Military officers in Pilkhana in Feb 25-26th, 2010)

Introduction:Indian RAW and Bangladeshi DGFI-NSI Jointly operate in Bangladesh that indicates a new reality where the doubts are raising heads from the smokes.


1. Is Bangladesh government really gone under Indian government's command and control?

2. Is Bangladesh commanded by Indian Arm forces?

3. Is RAW determine the fate of Bangladesh and become self-made colonial power?

4. Did the present Government allow RAW to operate inside Bangladesh secretly?

5. Is Indian and Awami league Government executing the Indira-Tazuddin treaty of 1971?

6. Is Awami league government really going in war against China and Pakistan becoming the tail of Indian Arm forces?

7. Is Indian Army taking revenge against the Bangladeshi Armies for 1965 war where Bengal regiment of Pakistani Army fought against Indians? Are Indians playing bluffing plans to crush Bangladesh Arm forces again and again?

8. Are India and other anti-Muslim powers jointly adapting the tactful war strategy against Bangladesh, the connecting route of South and East Asia to take control over it, as the war in Afghanistan experienced the same in the route way to Central and South Asia?

Answers and Analysis:

Bangladesh is thrown under a massive battle; internal and externally where as it needs internal unity, peace and strength for survival and advancement for the citizens. Let us summarize the political situation of Bangladesh.

1) Some weak and known political figures are in face with embarrassing situation always fighting each other. But the main shows are controlled by a most corrupt, greedy, liar cruel syndicate of Political-administrative-Business-Army- Currency launders-smugglers-Police- Educationists-youths-Intelligence and Judicial group.

2) They are assigned to turn Bangladesh vulnerable as soon as possible before the war appears in borders between India vs. China-Pakistan for a muscle show to be countable as a regional super power. America and European war industries need to engage these to powers in war to keep Asia weak in economy.

3) Bangladesh Arm forces, Intelligence directorates, police and RAB will be re-set up gradually and bringing under Indian command and control.

4) The ownerships of the export oriented Industries are transferring to Indians and continue strikes and setting fire in the rest of the Industries sabotaging by RAW operatives.

5) All exports channels are to be jammed.

6) The Hospitals and Universities to bring under poisonous drug addiction under commando form of distribution network.

7) Avoiding democratic norms and practice and terrorizing the non pro-Indian society and the administration and law and order officials.

8) Leaders of BNP and Jamaat politicians pushed in numbness.

9) The general public becoming frustrated on Indian dominances and already started reactions.

Let us touch some points of the regional muscle power competitions, such as;

1) Indian Military Chief General V K Singh on 15th October, 2010 declares any conventional war against China and Pakistan and possibility of using Nuclear weapons.

2) Indian Ambassador in Washington DC, Meera Shankar expressed concerns due to Chinese heavy military enforcement in Indian East and Western borders and building powerful Rail stations and Rail communications closest to India-Pak and India-China borders.

3) Pakistan has exposed their strong alignment with China in all respects; Military, financial, communication and Gas pipe line. Newly built Pakistani Gwadar Sea port is transferred to the Chinese authority which make easy naval moves in Indian Ocean and multi-diversified routes to central Asia also.

4) CNN circulated news of Bin Laden of his staying in Pakistan. Ex-President of Afghanistan Borhan uddin Rabbani becomes the president of Afghan Peace Council for Taleban-Afgan government formal negotiations to quiet the war and establish peace in Afghanistan.

5) Pakistan stands with major roles and Iran also supports the NATO in peace making.

6) Defense Secretary Robert Gates has announced his support to the peace process in Afghanistan from the NATO Headquarters in Brussels Alzazeera, Reuters).

7) India has been demolishing the natural design of power routes of Bangladesh (Muslim majority country and enemy) for turning it permanently disable.

Afghanistan is located in strategically connecting route to Central and South Asia and close to Russia and Iran. Bangladesh is the strategically connecting route to South and East Asia and close to China and India. RAW is frustrated in Afghanistan and stationing in Bangladesh as regional center.

India-Pakistan recent debate on war issue China irritating and worrisome to India was the news headline of Tibetan Review.net on October 17th,2010.The Indian Army Chief, General V K Singh, on October 15th,called the terror infrastructure across his country western border and China rising military prowess as irritating and worrisome, reported Times of India online October 15.

Addressing a seminar on Indian Army: Emerging Roles and Tasks in New Delhi, Singh has said, regarding China, we have a rising China, both economically and militarily. Although we have CBMs in place, although we have a very stable border, yet we have a border disputes. He has said, a conventional war with China or Pakistan was highly uncertain but explained that kirmishes can occurs. Pak, China irritants for India: Army Chief was another headline of Deccan Chronicle. The entire news is detailed for the viewers.

New Delhi, Oct. 15: In a candid declaration on Friday, the Army chief, Gen. V.K. Singh, described Pakistan and China as two irritants for Indian national security.

On China, the Army chief cautioned that India has a border disputes with a rising China and said Chinese intentions need to be examined.

On Pakistan, he said there was certain amount of support for terror groups in that country and that India had something to worry about till the time terror camps in that country were intact.

The Army chief also said that while conventional war was not certain, skirmishes were possible and that India should have substantial conventional war-fighting capabilities along with the ability to fight in a nuclear scenario. He said, We have a rising China with economic and military capabilities. Although we have Confidence Building Measures (CBMs) in place and a stable border, we have a border dispute (with China). The intentions (of China) need to be looked at.

The Indian Army already has a doctrine in place to fight a two-fronts war in case of the eventuality of any joint aggression by India's neighbors. But interestingly, the IAF chief, Air Chief Marshal P.V. Naik, warned later in the day that a country (adversary)-specific policy could lead India into an arms race and that therefore, the armed forces need to have a capability-specific policy rather than country-specific policy".

The two statements are being interpreted in some quarters as a possible difference in perception on the issue by the two service chiefs. Pakistanis reaction was published in Indian Express on October 16th, 2010 Pakistan on Saturday reacted angrily to the Indian Army chief's remarks describing the country as a major irritant for India's security and about the possibility of a war in a nuclear scenario, saying they were 'jingoistic' and 'unwise'.

Rejecting the allegations made by Indian Army chief Gen V K Singh, Foreign Office spokesman Abdul Basit said in a statement: "The government of Pakistan takes a serious exception to the reported statement of the Indian Army chief about his threat perception from Pakistan, war under a nuclear scenario and uncalled for and gratuitous comments on the internal affairs of Pakistan."

The repetitive mentions by Indian Army's high command "about war under the nuclear scenario is not only irresponsible but also jingoistic and unwise," Basit said. "Such statements and grandstanding by India are evidently unhelpful to the cause of promoting peace, security and stability in South Asia," he added.

The statement and counterstatement gradually fuelling the angers of two enemy countries-India and Pakistan and the Bangladeshis have been witnessing the symbol of such preparation from couple of years since the affairs of Indian Horses and a full General in Bangladesh which appeared more clearly with the Philkhana attack in Dhaka in February 25-26, 2010 under the democratic champion regime of Sheikh Hasina.

In which direction Bangladesh Government moves?

Hasina Government and India have been exercising all efforts in executing the points of treaty with Indo-BD Govt. in 1971 in different style. Though that colonial Roadmap was not followed during the regimes of Sheikh Mujibur Rahman and Ziaur Rahman in leading Bangladesh. However, both were assassinated under covert sabotage of the foreign powers.

As Hasina and Khaleda are Indian loyalist politicians and the former one is a 100% useful when the latter is found worthless, India chosen the right ally for them in right time and extends 12 hands to create vulnerabilities in Bangladesh categorically as per their routine. RAW already set up their operatives in all stairs of the society and state administration.

Bangladesh is the icon to the bordering neighbors On the other hands, It is widely known to the leaders of the world that Bangladesh become the icon to the people of her bordering neighbor Indian provinces who have been living in the poorest region and vulnerable states of

India and Nepal, Bhutan and Arakan state of Burma . Private sectors are booming fastest and the neighbors are rushing to get jobs and higher social lives in Bangladesh.

Indian policy makers have been witnessing the rapid growing economy in Bangladesh with angers as their people of Northern states are gradually depending on Bangladesh. All most 50% of Indian region is influenced by the socialists and communists. This vast area been discriminated by the Indian main stream politics since the National Congress government took over the governance of India in 1947.

That area holds common historical and cultural commonness with present Bangladesh and differences with the Delhi line of administration. In course of nature this vast region which has been heading up and engaged in guerrilla warfare for Independence is becoming the important consumers of most Bangladeshi products where as Indian government have been forcing keeping Bangladesh a hub of internal smuggling zone and a buffer state.

War-torned Bangladesh is the demand of the RAW So, a war-torned Bangladesh is the demand of the RAW.RAW represents the military, political and economic interests of the Indian Arian capitalists. So, they are engaged in racial operations to instable Bangladesh through friend and enemy Chanoyokkyo tactics.

It is not fighting terrorism rather engaging Bangladesh in war:

Mr. R K Meghan alias Sanayima, the Chairman of United National Liberation Front (UNLF) Meitei rebel group was been arrested from Lalmatia in Mohammadpur, Dhaka city on September 29th, 2010. He was fallen in the catch by a joint operation of Bangladesh and Indian Intelligences. The news was published in Indian Express.com website.

This UNLF was established in November 24th ,1964 and has been fighting for liberating Manipur and Socialist society . It is the oldest Meitei group and might have the link with National Socialist Council of Nagaland (NSCN), KUKI national Army, United Liberation Front of Assam (ULFA) and other guerrilla groups.

Raj Kumar Meghen is the current Chairman of the UNLF. Bangladesh Government never deal any business with them but this rebel leader might took shelter in disguised name in Bangladesh as thousands of Indians enter and stay here without valid passport for the safe and sound life of their families. But there are lot of doubts to use Meghen to propagate against Bangladesh which RAW used to do for targeting the country in keeping pressure. Though it will be useless effort.

My views:

My personal opinion is that a guerrilla leader who cannot support himself from saving from enemies, he is not capable to support his poor and backward nation for their liberation. He should accept the death in smile. I am guerrilla fighter and we liberated Bangladesh. RAW supported us as it went for Indian interests to break and cut off Pakistan, a Muslim enemy country.

Now, Mr. K Meghan is dishonored and might be killed because Indian government never honors the humanity and spirit of liberation.

On what legal basis are these joint operations being carried out in Bangladesh?

There must be some legal agreement allowing RAW to operate in tandem with the DGFI or NSI on Bangladesh soil.

When was this agreement signed and by whom?

More importantly is their a reciprocal agreement allowing DGFI and NSI to operate alongside RAW in India? If not then why have we allowed this liberty to Indian foreign intelligence for them to operate in Bangladesh?

MBI MUNSHI a young Barrister and a researcher from Dhaka wanted to know the answers of these questions or invited some one to share on it.

I feel honor in sharing with my friend. Once I was special guest in National Press Club, Dhaka during my visit in Bangladesh. Possibly from the present Government side everybody will keep shut the mouths as this is the culture of the slaves on their lords and on the other hands, the cabinet has no liberty to comment on this issue. The top gambling issues are limited in top circle affairs. So blaming of the DGFI and NSI for such covert action is not acceptable in any way as they are carrying the orders of the supreme authorities.

Remember Please, untold small and important clue for the Analysts of the Indo-BD relations General Ataul Gani Osmani, the Chief of Mukti Bahini and the Chief of Bangladesh Arm forces was allowed to enter in Dhaka but not to enter in Cantonment until and unless Indian Army vacated Bangladesh. The C A S had to open up the Army Headquarter in a small room in an old building in Minto road, Dhaka. The original handwritten lists of the Indian trained Mukti Bahini was taken away forcefully from that office by Sheikh Kamal and were burnt as RAW decided of creating the situation to let Bangladeshis know it was the Indian war against Pakistan and India won the battle. All the office staffs witnessed the anarchic demonstration and the matter was reported to Sheikh Mujibur Rahman.

Major Mohammed Abdul Jalil, the brave commander of the 9th sector during the liberation war of Bangladesh, was arrested by Indian Army with the consent of BD Government when Mr. Jalil opposed them in passing our million dollars valued Weapons and ammunitions to India from Bangladesh. Indian Army carried everything even the window cover, pillow cover, bad sheet, chair, table, electric wire, light bulbs, kitchen staffs, bathroom fittings etc, what ever they found nearby and did not allow any Bangladeshi Army officer to enter in the cantonment zone.

Bangladesh Government did keep silent and did not �stand with Mr. Jalil in saving the national properties. Every one of the top layer of the politics was engaged of saving their own ass as if their only job was to prove their utmost loyalty to the Indian Army.

These all are the consequences of a covert treaty between India and Bangladesh government signed by Indian and the exile government of Bangladesh in October 1971. This treaty was initiated by Indian foreign Intelligence-RAW. Honorable Premier Tazuddin Ahmed was active to collect the signatures from all the ministers of the exile BD Government. The honorable acting President Syed Nazrul Islam became sick and nervous after going through the docs of the treaty which he signed earlier at the Prime Minister's request and without reading it. The fact was disclosed by the then

Chief of Bangladesh Mission in Delhi Mr. Humayun Rashid Chawdhury in his interview (Masudul Haq; RAW and CIA in the liberation war of Bangladesh).

We know it was happened because of the short of statesmanship and lack of military thinking level of the then politicians who had no experience even to run a provincial government of East Pakistan. Mr. Tazuddin Ahmed was a pro-socialist believer and Pro Indo-Soviet liner. He did not consult with the Mukti bahini sector commanders.

Ambassador Boster saved Mujib and Bangladesh:

It was fact that Sheikh Mujib managed Finance Minister Mr. Taz uddin to resign from the Government position in the same day, the document was taken to Prime Minister in his breakfast table by Khondkar Mostaque Ahmed.

The then HE American Ambassador Davis Eugene Boster in Dhaka promised and extended his full support having the clear consent of the President of United States of America in saving the life of Prime Minister Sheikh Mujibur Rahman in that day when he was invited and requested for the American supports in case of any Indian attack on Him and Bangladesh.

White house did the accurate act what it was needed. (The fact was collected and reconfirmed by responsible Intelligence Sources).

The Indo-BD treaty was signed in October 1971 in Delhi. The main 7 points of the treaty are as follows;-

1)After the establishment of Bangladesh, the administrative officers who actively participated in the war of liberation would remain in their posts. The rest would be terminated and vacant posts would be filled up by the Indian administrative officers.

2)After the liberation of Bangladesh the required number of soldiers would remain in Bangladesh (No time limit was laid down).

3) Bangladesh would not form and maintain any formal Indian regular Armed Forces.

4) To maintain internal security and law and order a militia would be formed comprising of the freedom fighters.

5) The Chief of Staff of the Indian Armed Forces would lead the probable war with Pakistan. The Mukti Bahini (Freedom Fighters) would work under the command of Indian Armed forces.

6) Trade Transactions between the two countries would be free and open. The volume of trade would be calculated once in a year and the price would be paid in pound starlings.

7)The foreign Ministry of Bangladesh would maintain a close liaison� with with external affairs of Ministry of India and the latter would assist the former as per as possible.

This information of the treaty also was mentioned in the book of Dr.Kali Das Byeddyo who was dedicated in keeping liaisons for Bangladesh liberation, having the trusted connections with Awami league leaders and RAW and became Indian citizen after his assigned mission was success. His next mission is on the name of Bongobhumi; separating Hindu influenced regions in Bangladesh.

The leaders are lying everyday and shamelessly appearing to the public with their terrorizing attitude against their competitors. Those snake-Charmers never care those snakes that are already staying around and inside both political power circles and waiting for the appropriate time to bite and kill.

Projects and failures:

a) Bangladesh are already isolated from the Muslim world, especially Saudi Arabia and Malaysia and collapsing the sources of remittances and the major manpower market. Money launders are supported by the government. Crime World is awarded in upper hand. Smuggling routes are keeping unguarded. Major Garment factories are transferred to Indian owners. Man power exporting channels are mishandled. Indian Hindu and non-Muslims are found exported in Muslim countries with fake Muslim names for sabotage against Bangladesh. Internally terrorizing the Muslim citizens and encouraging non-Muslims and Indians (with fake identity) in important Govt. positions of the country and allowing Indian RAW operations in freehand across the country to take control.

b) The State Bank of India is going to replace Bangladesh Bank to collect the remittances from abroad following the case of Bhutan. The Bhutanese are collecting local currencies from local banks against those remittances. The Bhutanese have to remit in the State Bank of India. Finance Minister M A Muhit already exposed the Sonali exchange in abroad is a loosing concern in a reception in a reception meeting organized by Dhaka University Alumni Association, USA in Jackson Heights, and NewYork on October 11, 2010 which is a motivated campaign on the basis of the govt. policy. Sonali Exchange might close if the RAW guidance functions accurately.

RAW already stationed Dhaka. It must be closed soon. But that will need the changed situation which will be enough to compel them to be back. May be their insecurities or other alternative. CIA might play a negotiating role in it. The Intelligence agencies of Bangladesh should be utilized to collect the information to secure the country interests; the Industries, trades, educational systems, health and communications and Sea sides and to protect the country from smuggling of poisonous drugs, arms etc and saving from the regular attacking from Indian and Myanmar sides in the bordering areas.

Intelligence agency is needed to save exports and manpower markets and to secure the routes of remittances and other interests in abroad. We do not permit anybody to rent our Intelligence directorates to India for their internal vulnerabilities. The patriot intellectuals, bureaucrats and diplomats are welcome to about turn and take lead to change the political decisions and bring back the steering of the country towards the safest Journey.
(The writer is a free-lancer Journalist, freedom fighter, political analyst and an observer of Indian Ocean region).

Abu Zafar Mahmood,NY USA
E mail : rivercrossinternational@yahoo.com

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