Saturday 11 May 2013

Mujib to Pharaoh (Feraun),Hasina to Lady Hitler

Sheikh Mujib Was the founder president of Bangladesh.After become a president he attacked brutally opposition,media and every sectors of newly gained independent Bangladesh. In this blog first I will give you some idea of Mujib autocratic rules before he died

Killing Opposition :

To curb the opposition Mujib formed a new force named Rokkhi Banhini. This force killed around 40,000 opposition activists and raped thousands of women .

On 17th Match of 1975. Jatiyo Rakkhi Bahini set up fire the head quarter of JASAD on 14 March 1975. JASAD decided to form a rally towards Home Minister Mansoor Ali's house and surround it as a counter to that incident on 17 March.
The rally that started from Paltan was forwarding to the Home Minister's house but the Jatiyo Rakkhi Bahini opened brush-fire and at least 50 JASAD activists were killed on the spot.
It was an incident at capital. But at the country side and in remote areas the brutality of Jatiyo Rakkhi Bahini beggar description.

His corrupted Sons:

No general people were saved from this special force.During his regime his son looted central Bank of Bangladesh and he did not take any action against this .

Famine for corruption :

In 1974, Bangladesh experienced the deadliest famine ever, which killed around 1.5 million Bangladeshi people from hunger. The Bangladesh famine of 1974 is a major source of discontent against Mujib's government. Bangladeshi people feel ashamed, insulted and demoralised as a nation for this famine that was not due to a food crisis but, according to Amartya Sen, due instead to the lack of governance and democratic practices.

No cloth but Net:

Time of Mujib autocratic regime people force to wear the net instead of cloth , because the corruption was soar in so high that general people did not get anything except misrule of Mujib. A girl name Bashonti wear net insted of cloth and it was much digradable for Bangldeshi Nation.

Bakshal formed :

On January 25, 1975 Mujib declared a state of emergency and his political supporters approved a constitutional amendment banning all opposition political parties. Mujib assumed the presidency and was given extraordinary powers. His political supporters amalgamated to form the only legalised political party, the Bangladesh Krishak Sramik Awami League, commonly known by its initials—BAKSAL

Shut down Media :

During Mujib regime Mujib shut down all the opposition media who brought the black side of his tenure in public eyes. But he keep open only 4 newspapers who were the obedient to Mujib and his misrule .

This is the brief of Mujib misrule in Bangladesh during (1971-1975) ..For his historical misrule he was murdered in 1975 . After death of Mujib one of the top Mujib associated said , Bangladeshi Pharaoh (Feraun) is collapsed

Laday Hitler Sheik Hasina's Regim from 2008--

In 2008 Sheikh Hasina the daughter of autocrat Mujib came into power by Indian Money and a digital rigging election. After coming power she took the place of her father and become a Laday autocrats like Adlof Hitler .

Since 2008 Bangladeshi people scared of Chatra league (student front of ruling Awamileague) and Police. Chtra league turn into a giant of Frankenstein . In everyday they killed, torturing ,opposition like Mujib's Rakkhi Bahini .Women also raped day by day this party even they made century of raped at Jahangir nagor University and chatra league celebrate it by distributing sweet. .In last few years sheikh Hasina appointed 27000 police from her district Gopalgonj and they were the activists of chatra league . Now this police are very much ferocious ..killing opposition , bribing, corruption and torture opposition , disappearing opposition leader are the main activities of this Police. The police commissioner and home minister (MOKHA) order to fire opposition at sight .They are now digital version of Rakkhi Bahini

After coming to the power Hasina Killed 57 Army officer ..looted state-owned Bank , Looted Share Market and 3300000 Peoples lost their money .

Mujib killed 40000 Peoples and his daughter Killed 30000 opposition since 2008 and Injured 25000 people by police and chatra league .

Like sheikh Mujib Hasina Banned 3 TV channel , Arrest Mahmudur Rahman a prominet journalist only for Publishing Hasina's son corruption and mujib misrules by his newspaper

Shut down most hit Bangla blog name Sonarbangladesh blog arrest its editor Mr Aminul Mohaimen and keep him in lock in the jail.

Facebook ,Youtube Banned . Banned Most renowned facebook page named Basherkella , Media watch etc only for publishing Hasina's oppression . There are no freedom of speech in Bangladesh.

Few days back , dawn of 6th of May when the innocent protesters were sleeping ,the joint forces of sheikh Hasina mercilessly Killed at least at a single night 2500 people and brutally injured 10000 people on the street of Dhaka by shutting electricity,and media black-out ..This atrocity only can be compared with Hitler or Chengish Khan .

So this Is the situation where Bangladeshi peoples passing .Even to see the real scenario of Bangladesh, Hasina Government not allow foreign journalists Into Bangladesh

(Above all the picture from 6th May in Dhaka where police and joint forces killer at least 2500 peoples and 1000 injured )

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