Tuesday 13 August 2013

Eid UK Photo Competition Results

Eid al-Fitr is celebrated by Muslims across the globe, marking the end of the spiritual month of Ramadan. We launched a photo competition to find the images that best represented the experience of Eid for British Muslims. Here are a selection of the entries, with the winner plus honourable mentions.
Here are the honourable mentions: -
This picture was submitted by Faraz Ali, picturing Qassim Malik. It was taken on Caerphilly Mountain on the final sunset of Ramadan. The two had climbed the mountain to observe the new moon which would signal the end of the month and thus Eid.

Eid prayers are held in the morning, often a communal activity bringing together thousands. Hamid Khan submitted this picture of the Eid prayers in Gladstone Park, London, England.

Not to be outdone, here are Eid prayers from Scotland. Twitter user @HighlandMuzlim submitted this great photo.

And here is a picture from Wales of the congregation leaving Eid prayers held at City Hall, Cardiff. The photo was submitted by Imaad Alauddin.

Worship is an important part of Eid. Khadija Jamal submitted this photo of her prayer mat, Quran, prayer beads and books of invocations and supplications on the night before Eid, often cited as an especially important time for worship.

Eid can also be a difficult time, Shahbaz Mirza submitted this photo after the burial of a relative on Eid day. A poignant reminder that a time of celebration can also be a time of sadness for many.

Muslims were encouraged by the Prophet Muhammad to wear their best clothes on Eid. This submission by Muhd Afiq Jusnaidi shows his family dressed in traditional Malaysian clothes for Eid.

Continuing on the theme of clothes, Arif Kadir demonstrates how to dress smart while skateboarding.

As you might expect, after a month of fasting, food is an important part of Eid. Lots of photo submissions were of food. Here Twitter user @inasseyacobi shows a traditional Morrocan food spread.

Saira Chaudhry’s entry was of her mum’s biriyani.

Faraz Ali also submitted this picture of Eid breakfast- a traditional full English.

Laura Jones entered this picture of her Eid cake.

Sahar al-Faifi tweeted this picture of traditional ma’mool desserts that she made for her work colleagues to celebrate Eid.

Saddiah Javaid submitted this picture of her ‘gâteau chaud à l’orange et au chocolat et glace spécialité galloise’.
Despite all these great pictures however, there can only be one winner.
The Winner:
Zara Kadir submitted this photo showing great-grandmother and great-granddaughter. The On Religion team thought it really reflected the warm, intimate and family experience of Eid al-Fitr and so was unanimously chosen as the winner.
Thank you to all of the entrants. We wish you all an Eid Mubarak.

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